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THIS ONLINE SHOP IS CURRENTLY CLOSED because I am very busy selling on Amazon and Etsy.


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The story of my business

Because I'm (shop owner - Alena) in love with handmade jewelry and all jewelry supplies I'm constantly searching for new stuff and trends. I'm making jewelry as a hobby and enjoying to learn about new techniques. Over time I acquired a lot of good quality jewelry supplies I didn't need anymore. I started to sell them to buy new beads, clasps, and wires. But some of my buyers were asking to buy more supplies from me and I decided to open an online retail business. I already knew from my own experience what jewelry maker needs and I realized the other jewelry creators like me need the same things! This is why and how I started my business.


I currently sell jewelry supplies on Etsy and Amazon. But not long ago I decided to open my own online shop. This shop will allow me to sell what I think I need to sell - not only what selling platform let me sell. And also build my shop the way I want and most important - bring the best shopping experience to my buyers.

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I hope you'll enjoy things you buy in my shop.